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Direct Migrator: The best way to migrate from Enterprise Vault to Enterprise

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Customers are looking to migrate their archiving, discovery, and supervision workloads to take advantage of the efficiencies of the cloud. Veritas, a 15-time leader in Enterprise Information Archiving, is experienced in storing these workloads for some of the largest and most important organizations in the world with our on-premises Enterprise Vault product family. As customers shift to the cloud, we have been helping them shift to our cloud-based archiving solution, Enterprise, with Veritas Migrate, but saw an opportunity to further streamline and accelerate migrations by introducing Direct Migrator.

Direct Migrator does what no other migration tool can do –it migrates Enterprise Vault to Enterprise ‘directly’ over the internet. This means you don’t have to export data to a disk, encrypt it, and then send it to Veritas to have us migrate it into your cloud archive. Instead, you can create migration jobs in Enterprise, via our Targeted Collection capability, to quickly complete your migration (you may have already used Targeted Collections to do discovery against Enterprise Vault). Targeted Collections uses our lightweight Collector Agent(s), which are typically deployed near Enterprise Vault servers, to securely gather the content you’ve specified and send it directly to the your Enterprise environment. Because the data is sent directly to Enterprise the effort and end-to-end time required to complete your migration are greatly reduced.

How Are Archives Migrated?

Email archives are migrated, including items on legal hold, with a full chain of custody and associated chain of custody reporting. Want to know more about legal holds? When the data is migrated, any case holds that are present are preserved. This means the Discovery Accelerator cases, searches, tags and marks, as well as items associated with those searches, and more, will be migrated as well to eliminate the need to redo everything manually after the data is migrated. This is huge – no other migration solution can do this, saving you a tremendous amount of time and, of course, reducing your risk.

What About Supervision Workloads?

If you are a Compliance Accelerator customer and have supervision workloads too, we’ve got you covered! Direct Migrator can migrate Compliance Accelerator departments, monitored users, searches, marks and tags, and more. This allows you to transition your supervisory review activities even faster to Enterprise and start taking advantage of Veritas Advanced Supervision. If you already use the Veritas Advanced Supervision user interface with your on-premises Compliance Accelerator environment, then the transition will be seamless, and your review team will feel right at home.


If you are wondering how much this all costs, you will be happy to know that Direct Migrator is included with Veritas Advanced eDiscovery. So, if you use Veritas Advanced eDiscovery, which all of our customers do, then you are entitled to Direct Migrator. We do strongly recommend that customers engage Veritas professional services or one of our channel partner professional services teams to help orchestrate the migration for you. Since this is a ‘one-time’ event, we don’t think you should have to spend any of your time developing this muscle. Instead, let someone else who has experience doing data migrations do it for you, so you can focus your resources on other strategic initiatives.

If you are worried about having to pay for Enterprise Vault and Enterprise at the same time, we solve that with a lightweight support option for Enterprise Vault that customers who have purchased Enterprise can leverage as they are shifting archiving workloads to the cloud.

In Summary

Direct Migrator:

  • Streamlines migrations from Enterprise Vault to Enterprise
  • Migrates email archives, including legal holds, securely and directly over the internet to reduce the time and risk associated with migrating from on-premises to the cloud.
  • Provides chain of custody reporting that is required for moving discovery and compliance data.
  • Migrates Discovery and Supervision workloads to further reduce effort and risk.
  • Is included with Veritas Advanced eDiscovery to reduce costs.