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Enterprise Vault 12.3 now available!


I’m very excited to be able to announce the general availability (GA) of Enterprise Vault 12.3.   This release builds on 20 years of delivering digital compliance innovation.


Enterprise Vault 12.3 enhances our “O365 Better Together” solution, by providing Direct Email Journaling for O365 via SMTP.  We have made this scale to meet the needs of our very largest customers and dramatically improved the ability to provision new users. We also make it easier to purchase other content sources.   With our new resell agreement, Veritas customers can now purchase Globanet Merge1 which allows customers to archive all of their critical data  - not just O365 content – providing a single solution for Archiving, Discovery and Supervision.  

Innovative new features such as Classification Defined Storage further strengthens our leadership position in on-premises archiving and expands our hybrid-archiving story (archive on premises and also leverage cloud storage).  This is especially interesting for our U.S. Federal customers who can leverage on-premises storage for “Permanent Records” that are eventually sent to the National Archives and leverage Cloud storage for Temporary records to reduce cost.

Global Data Privacy Regulations such as GDPR in Europe and similar regulations in other regions (e.g. KVKK in Turkey)  are driving new sales for Enterprise Vault and driving upsell to our install base.   EV 12.3 expands our data privacy story with new classification policies to cover most countries, Privilege Deletion to address “Right to be Forgotten” scenarios and improved auditing granularity to ensure compliance.

Along with the EV 12.3 release, we have introduced a new easy way to purchase Enterprise Vault called EV Suite.   This new Suite allows the purchase of all Enterprise Vault components via a single per-user license.   The new EV Suite provides Email Management, File Governance, Classification, Archive Discovery, Supervision, SMTP Journaling and PST ingest all in one SKU for $99/user (perpetual) or $50/user (subscription).    

We will provide deeper dives into some of the new features in the coming weeks.


David Scott

Product Manager - Enterprise Vault