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Enterprise Vault 12.4 Released Dec. 3rd


I’m truly excited to be able to announce the general availability (GA) of Enterprise Vault 12.4. This release is critically important to Veritas as it includes further O365 archiving enhancements, Audit improvements and further PowerShell comdlets to ease management of Enterprise Vault.

The new and powerful features in this latest release further strengthen our leadership position in on-premises archiving and expands our hybrid-archiving story (archive on premises but leverage cloud storage where possible).  It also dramatically improves the ability to scale 0365 archiving for our very largest accounts.

This release is the second major feature release in CY2018 and show continued commitment to providing the very best on-premises archiving.

What's new for our customers

 Azure Information Protection (AIP) Decryption

You can now decrypt Office 365 Journal content that is encrypted using AIP services. The encrypted items can then be fully indexed and available for search and preview. In Compliance and Discovery Accelerator, you can filter items on the basis of their encryption status, export the items, and then decrypt them using a new utility called EmlDecryptor.exe.

 Centralized configuration for auditing

You can now configure auditing in the following ways:

    • Enable or disable auditing across all the Enterprise Vault servers in the site at once, or for individual servers.
    • Use common audit categories for all the Enterprise Vault servers in the site.
    • Configure audit categories separately for each Enterprise Vault server.

 OData support for auditing

With this release, you can allow users to retrieve auditing records from the Enterprise Vault auditing database using the Open Data (OData) web service. You can use this information with any OData-compatible reporting tool to create reports as required. Examples of such reporting tools include Excel/PowerQuery and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

New Powershell cmdlets to set archive permissions

This release adds the following PowerShell cmdlets for managing archive permissions.

    • Get-EVArchivePermission: Returns a list of all the users and groups who have access to the specified archive.
    • Set-EVArchivePermission: Lets you grant or deny access permissions to a given user or group on the specified archive.
    • Remove-EVArchivePermission: Removes the access permissions that are granted or denied to a given user or group on the specified archive.

Support for Outlook 2016 Click to Run

This release includes support for Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 Click to Run (32-bit version) on Enterprise Vault servers and clients.

Other notable Usability, Supportability and Customer Requests

  • Upgrade to the next version of the Indexing agent from IBM.
  • Support for Windows Mini Filter Driver Secure Boot for File System Archiving.
  • Upgrade to the very latest TPIP versions and various Security updates.
  • Removed dependency on Visual Studio 2008 C++ Runtime from the product

 EV 12.4 is available to Customers and Partners from the MyVeritas portal.