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Enterprise Vault & SQL Best Practices

As you all know, MS-SQL is a key component of an Enterprise Vault implementation so it’s obviously important to make sure SQL is sized, configured and maintained to keep EV functioning properly. However, until now, all our recommendations & guidelines have been spread around various documents such as the Performance Best Practice Guides and other technotes. But  now we’ve published a document dedicated to EV  & SQL, with a rather obvious title “Symantec Enterprise Vault: SQL Best Practices”

This document covers pretty much all you need to know about how to configure, tune and maintain SQL from an EV point of view. So make sure you grab it today and add it to your library because we’re sure you’ll find it useful whether reviewing your current configuration or planning a new deployment. If you don't manage your own SQL servers this will also be a useful reference to pass on to your DBA.

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