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Expose Sensitive Data Faster with Veritas’ New Integrated Classification Engine

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Data classification has always been a bit of a white whale.  Leading governance organizations have invested substantial resources establishing comprehensive data taxonomies and policies designed to ensure compliance with the strictest of data regulations.  But in terms of deploying and enforcing these classification schemes, organizations have experienced limited success. 

All too often, organizations attempt to implement classification by asking end-users to self-classify their data.  This approach has always been and always will be destined for failure.  In this regard, end-users have two great flaws:  #1) End-users are subjective and the way that Donna in Finance thinks about file sensitivity is probably different than the way that Robert in Sales thinks about file sensitivity, guaranteeing the end result to be inconsistent at best.  #2) End-users are busy.  Asking end-users to classify their own data effectively puts another task on their already full plate and typically ends up being the lowest priority.  Ultimately, inconsistent and incomplete results lead to a failed classification initiative.  

Classification Engine.pngWith this in mind, Veritas had developed a new game-changing classification technology that introduces an unparalleled level of automation and intelligence to data classification. 

The Integrated Classification Engine provides a universal experience across the entire Veritas portfolio, so organizations can better manage their data regardless of where it is in its lifecycle.  A single pane of glass view into patterns and policies ensures consistent enforcement of classification tags across the entire data estate.

Pre-loaded with more than 100 sensitive data patterns, the Integrated Classification Engine has built-in intelligence to start uncovering risk immediately.  These patterns are packaged together to form policies, which organizations can leverage as the backbone of their compliance strategy.   To support out-of-the-box ease-of-use, the Integrated Classification Engine come pre-configured with more than 60 global policies comprised of everything from GDPR to HIPAA.   

The Integrated Classification Engine was designed to inspire confidence in the accuracy of its results.  To limit false positives, Veritas has developed a proprietary Confidence Scoring algorithm and rule-based QA tools to ensure that accuracy is paramount.

Veritas Data Insight 6.0 and Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.2 are the first solutions to incorporate the Integrated Classification Engine, with the rest of Veritas’ leading data management portfolio to quickly follow.    

Accurate data classification holds the keys to better risk mitigation and better governance.  Once organizations have the ability to spot sensitive and risky data in the wild, they can take the appropriate steps to remediate and regain control over their data.  If you are interested in a Veritas Classification Test Drive, please contact us at