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Finally, an integrated way to view all of your information during discovery

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Symantec has long been a proponent of developing an information management strategy, and the company firmly believes that getting your information management house in order is the first step to a more streamlined and efficient discovery process.  Two of the cornerstones of this process are:  1) archiving, and 2) deleting information that has outlived its business, legal or regulatory purpose.  This approach has helped many organizations get a handle on the massive amounts of information being created on a daily basis, and has enabled them to quickly and effectively search for and identify emails, files and other information during discovery.  However, the one thing that has been missing from this equation is how to effectively search and identify sources outside of the archive.  With Enterprise Vault Discovery Collector, Symantec has solved the problem and created an integrated solution.  Discovery Collector allows the search and collection of content sources outside of the archive – sources like desktops, laptops and fileshares.  This information will be able to be reviewed prior to preservation, which will help reduce burdensome over-preservation practices.  More importantly, once this information has been identified, it will be placed within the archive so that legal teams will be able to view all the content relevant to one matter – whether in the archive or from content sources outside of the archive – from one single view point.  With the launch of Enterprise Vault Discovery Collector, Symantec has integrated the proactive and the reactive approaches to enable quicker, smarter discovery.