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GDPR: The next eDiscovery boom

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GDPR related news is on the rise. With parallels being drawn with eDiscovery processes, law firms and consulting services organizations are vying for market share. GDPR compliance is quickly becoming a revenue stream as organizations work towards readiness. The need to make personal data searchable (Articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 20) to respond to Subject Access Requests (SARs) tie nicely into existing eDiscovery workflows – identification, collection, analysis, review and production.

GDPR_Law4_ig_1080x1080 (002).jpgProportionality is an eDiscovery fundamental that will most likely not be a consideration of regulators in its traditional sense. With stiff fines, the financial bar for discovery and production of personal data will be set high. The GDPR does however make provisions for data protection rights to be proportionately balanced with other rights – including the “freedom to conduct a business”. Additional provisions are made for data already subject to other legal, vertical or country specific regulatory holds.

GDPR dictates data should only be maintained if it has a business use, forcing organizations to assess what they have and make determinations about what to keep and what to discard. GDPR empowers the business to finally hit the delete button without fear, or at least put data retention policies in place that enforce and automate the expiration of non-business related da.... Law and consulting firms alike can help organizations shape these policies and procedures all at a billable hourly rate.

Is there an app for that? Of course, there is. Law firms are getting creative in how they demonstrate their expertise - whether it's EU regulatory education or assessing readiness with basic recommendations to take steps towards compliance, mobile apps have become a marketing platform for firms.

Like eDiscovery in its early days, GDPR is on track to become a booming business. Companies can’t afford the reputational risk nor the potential financial impact of noncompliance. Don’t be in denial, schedule a readiness assessment and understand the new performance and security benefits in the eDiscovery Platform.