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Gain Accelerated Insights into Value and Risk in Hybrid Cloud Environments

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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, which has created a variety of business risks for organizations. There has been a significant increase in ransomware and cyberattacks. Organizations lack the visibility across their entire IT infrastructure to detect these anomalies in their environment. Likewise, the lack of visibility impairs an organization’s ability to determine whether resources are under-protected or whether backups adhere to existing backup policies.

Expected to do more with less, organizations are looking for ways to simplify operations, optimize infrastructure, reduce costs, and lower risks. Veritas is the only vendor that can support heterogeneous cloud, backup, and storage vendors with a single IT analytics and reporting platform: APTARE IT Analytics.

With the latest release, APTARE 10.6 delivers a vendor-agnostic unified IT insights platform with new and updated connectors, plus easier and faster deployment across any cloud, any storage, and any backup technology solutions to optimize resources, save costs and reduce risks.

Analyze enterprise IT infrastructure through a single pane of glass with APTARE and get:

  • Expanded connector support—Choose from Expanded connector support for NetBackup 9.x, KeepIT SaaS Backup, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Hitachi Configuration Management (, and Broadcom SAN Switch.
  • High-value, use-case-focused dashboards and alerts—Quickly shed light on system alerts, risk, and opportunities for storage optimization.
  • NetBackup™ catalog visibility—Report and export item-level metadata visibility into protected data to quickly and easily identify stale data, individual files, and/or potential ransomware file types.
  • A fast start, with flexible deployment—Install APTARE in less than 30 minutes from the Azure Marketplace and get integration with Service Now Orlando and Paris.


Learn more by visiting  APTARE IT Analytics.

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Miss pamula you are righ that the covid-19  situation everybody thinking about its life not for the money. If they are free from the serviver of their life so they can easily concerntrate about their money which is not using to save their life in this covid-19 situation. 

I must say about those people who really thinking about the money now but 1 thing they have to notice that if they are focusing on the business in this situation so they are taking risk about their life which is very dangerous.

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