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Global Wireless Provider Improves Backup Success Rate from 90 to 99.8 Percent with APTARE

A large telecommunications company expanded to new markets where they struggled to navigate through a complex storage infrastructure that made it difficult and cumbersome to collect and analyze backup information.  That’s when they turned to Veritas APTARE IT Analytics for help.aptare backup2.JPG

“Thanks to visibility into the storage environment and the data extensibility of the APTARE [IT Analytics] solution, [the global wireless solutions provider] has the peace of mind that its critical data is being backed up and can be recovered quickly if needed,” Clark said. “They were doing an ok job before, but we were able to centralize their reporting efforts, ensure accuracy and streamline the process to a point where it’s not cost prohibitive to do storage reporting the right way.”  - Rick Clark, CEO of APTARE (a Veritas Company)

Veritas APTARE IT Analytics helped the company meet SLAS and improve backup success rate from 90 percent to 99.8 percent.

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