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How Much Time Can Automated Chargeback Reports Save?

Over the last few years, chargeback automation has become an essential tool for IT administrators. Enterprises are ingesting more data than ever, and an estimated 90% of this data is unstructured. Due to the rapid pace and sheer magnitude of data growth, organizations need accurate chargeback reports that ensure storage requirements are correctly allocated, keeping costs from spiraling out of control.

Unfortunately, manually-generated chargeback reports that contain the information you need to adequately plan for future growth takes a lot of time to create. Data is often incorrect, inconsistent, or stale, and in hybrid IT environments, accessing it may require the use of dozens of different interfaces. After the monumental task of locating and gathering relevant data, the data is correlated to the correct cost center, application, project, or customer. This job is made nearly impossible in storage environments that maintain legacy systems, alongside new technologies.

Sounds familiar? Given the complexity of chargeback in hybrid IT environments, how do you provide visibility into costs and usage in a meaningful way?

Veritas APTARE IT Analytics’ Precision Chargeback Process

Between rapid data growth, the shift to hybrid IT, and the need to maintain legacy systems, one thing has become abundantly clear: manual chargeback is functionally no longer a viable option for infrastructure managers. Automated chargeback is the clear path forward.

Veritas APTARE IT Analytics provides the information, metrics, and, most importantly, visibility that you need to make chargeback simpler, more precise, and faster. What once took a team of IT professionals’ hours, or even days, can now be accomplished in only minutes, increasing efficiency and productivity.

APTARE IT Analytics provides you with a clear view of your full IT structure and correlates the data from multiple sources to standardize metrics. This visibility, when combined with automated reporting, makes the chargeback process easier while ensuring high levels of accuracy.How Much Time Can Automated Chargeback Reports Save.jpg

Zero-Cost Chargeback

The goal is to obtain zero-cost chargeback. We know it might sound ambitious, but many of our customers are already using APTARE to achieve this very goal.

One of our customers who needed to bill individual applications for storage allocation purposes was able to do precisely that, while automatically generating reports detailing exact usage rates. In doing so, they no longer needed to respond to constant requests for storage usage reports from individual business units.

The chargeback solution automatically generates and sends reports detailing the specifics of data use and all associated costs, revealing how resources are being used and by whom. Reports can be sent at any interval, freeing you from continually dealing with requests for chargeback information.

All applications and information on individual clients – your internal customers – are dynamically updated within the report structure, meaning that you don’t have to make any manual updates, even as changes to your storage environment are introduced. This dynamic update gives administrators insights into exact storage costs, saves massive amounts of time, and gives you zero-cost chargeback.

Are you interested in learning more? Check us out on and schedule an APTARE IT Analytics demo.

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