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Information Management - Backup, Archiving, and E-Discovery

Level 3
Let’s hear it for getting your information growth and storage costs in check! You know the projected growth stats, facts, and percentages of your organization's electronic information– you also know how little new budget (if any) you are given to keep up with this information growth and making sure it's all available, searchable, and usable.  Sometimes it might seem easier to just keep everything forever or even to put in place a really aggressive deletion policy - but are you aware of the available solutions that will help you keep only the information you need for only the appropriate amount of time while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and your own governance policies?

If improving your backups, eliminating mailbox quotas, reducing duplicate and old information from consuming your storage, and enabling fast and efficient e-discovery sounds interesting to you, you'll want to check out the Information Management Track of sessions in the online catalogThese breakout sessions and hands on labs will arm you with solutions, strategies, and roadmap discussions with industry and product experts across Enterprise Vault, NetBackup and Backup Exec.  

Session topics include: Enterprise Vault and Exchange 2010, Protecting Oracle Databases, Simple and Comprehensive Virtual Machine Protection, Archiving for the SMB to Enterprise, Searching for E-Discovery, and OpenStorage to name a few.

What are you most interested in learning or getting hands on with as it relates to Backup, Archiving, and E-Discovery?