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International Data Privacy Day 2021: Happy 40th Anniversary!


Data Privacy Day officially began in the US and Canada in 2008.  However, its roots come from DataPrivacyDay_sq.pngEurope’s Data Protection Day, which commemorates the signing of Convention 108 on January 28, 1981 – the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection.

We’ve seen a lot of change in those 40 years.  Data privacy policies have evolved from an inconsistent set of best practices to a stringent set of regulations – from GDPR to CCPA – and new regulations continue to emerge in additional countries every year.  But beyond the regulations, data privacy matters to companies not only because it can result in substantial fines – but also a loss of reputation, trust, and revenue.

In 2020, Veritas continued our investment in addressing this problem. Last September, our acquisition of Globanet, now branded as Veritas Merge1, added native support for over 80 content sources across our Digital Compliance portfolio – from social media to collaboration tools, to instant messaging, and more.  This allows Enterprise Vault to become an intelligent archive repository that provides supervision, retention, and discovery capabilities across an organization’s entire data landscape – and it allows eDiscovery Platform to perform targeted discovery and retrieval of data for the wide variety of Subject Access Requests now covered by these new regulations (PII, public records requests, etc.).

But our investment didn’t stop there.  With the complexity of finding PII across all of these different content sources, organizations need a toolset that filters through this data effectively and automatically tags relevant data based on preconfigured policies and patterns. Veritas Information Classifier is the solution – supported across the Veritas Digital Compliance portfolio, it now provides over 900 pre-configured patterns and over 140 policies that make it easier to find sensitive data in compliance with data privacy regulations for over 60 countries.

And in 2020, we added COVID-specific policies, and policies that help identify ransomware – allowing Information Classifier to work in conjunction with Veritas Data Insight to provide proactive data management for some of the most relevant issues for businesses today: streamlining data privacy and compliance, visualizing and protecting sensitive data, and enabling quick threat detection responses.

In recognition of Data Privacy Day, we just published a white paper entitled Overcoming Challenges of Effective Data Management. This white paper goes into more detail on the challenges of collecting data effectively from disparate sources, how classification can help address those challenges, and how a more proactive approach to information management is essential in getting control over your data.

We hope you enjoy this new white paper, and we look forward to sharing more exciting announcements from our Digital Compliance portfolio in the months to come!  To learn more about this topic, you can also visit