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Join us at HIMSS 2017 and Say No to Data-nappers

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Veritas helps the healthcare industry secure patient identities through visibility. 

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 Today’s enterprise environment is fast-growing, often fragmented, and overwhelmingly complex. Organizations face daily questions about whether information is protected appropriately, whether data can or should be deleted, and whether they’re missing opportunities to move less-valuable data to cheaper options and active data to highly available locations. But most importantly, organizations face uncompromising demands from their customers to keep their personal information safe.

In no industry is this task as important as it is to healthcare providers. As stewards of life-saving and life-giving information, patients expect providers to deliver the same care digitally as they do medically. With petabyte after petabyte of information scattered across the globe, it is difficult to track where your critical patient information is, guess where the risk in your information is hidden and determine what potential liability or exposure you may have.  If you lack visibility into your information, that latent risk may be more damaging than any server or infrastructure costs.

What if you knew that on average your employees read 10 files a day and then noticed a particular employee suddenly read 10,000?  Or what if significant portions of the environment are rapidly and unexpectedly being encrypted? Or how would you interpret a facilities vendor randomly accessing patient databases?  That might be cause for serious concern. Anomalous behavior can often be benign, but in some cases it is an indication of malware, employees, vendors, or contractors acting in a malicious—or at the very least suspicious—manner.

The healthcare industry in particular has been experiencing an increase in the frequency and severity of these information crises’.  When healthcare record is worth 200 times that of a credit card on the black market it catches the attention of digital criminals. At Veritas we recognize that your credibility as a safe and responsible health provider is directly linked to the confidence your patients have in your ability to keep their data secure and we deliver data visibility to help you do so.  

To address Ransomware threats specifically Veritas provides a combination of operation anomaly detection, automated encryption tracking, and real time notification alerts.  This helps minimize the potential damage by pro-actively notifying relevant parties of the anomaly and tracking the reach of the malware.  Veritas can also add the perpetrators account to a global deny group in order to stop the damage from spreading.  Of course, as the premier backup and recovery provider we can also empower you to say no to data-nappers. Veritas can recover your data and systems to as they were, and could even do so in a targeted manner providing your IT department an impacted file list for a snapshot or NetBackup restore.

We know the time it takes to respond is critical. Within hours of an information crisis the monetary, reputational and service damage can be devastating, so your ability to respond, and respond fast, is paramount. We also believe it is important to be proactive about keeping your data environment clean of useless clutter, complaint with health regulations and monitored for interesting behavior. So join us at HIMSS 2017 to learn how we can help you do just that. Learn all about our presence on our HIMSS site 

And be sure to join our National Healthcare Architect, Rick Bryant, as he hosts a fantastic Lunch and Learn – Empower your Patient Care through Data. Sign up here.