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Know it all: How to be completely tuned in to your hybrid cloud

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Virtualization of server environments offers great promise in improving the overall efficiency of today’s data centers. However, deploying applications and their associated operating systems as virtual machines on an ad hoc basis often results in inefficient utilization of the physical resources making up the virtual environment.

Veritas Technologies provides APTARE IT Analytics that can provide insight into understanding how to plan for managing storage resources in a virtualized environment. The solution allows you to view current physical storage capacity making up the virtualized environments and make informed decisions on how best to deploy an application in a virtualized environment. Most importantly, APTARE IT Analytics provides you with a clear picture of your entire existing virtual environment.

One of the main concerns in implementing server virtualization with networked storage is performance. The ability to understand how to balance networked storage, remove I/O contention across a set of virtual machines, and determine potential I/O bottlenecks is critical. APTARE IT Analytics allows users to tune each virtual machine to ensure adequate performance, allowing you to ensure that a virtual machine is on the correct tier of physical storage, determine if each virtual machine has the right amount of resources needed to meet performance objectives and identify potential contention issues that directly affect the performance of a virtual machine.

Virtualized environments place heavy demands on real resources such as network bandwidth and unused or underutilized storage as the number of virtual machines hosted on physical servers grows. APTARE IT Analytics can help maximize the use of existing storage resources within the data center by identifying storage resources that are supporting a virtual environment.

APTARE IT Analytics allows you to directly map the storage used by each virtual machine down to the actual storage array itself, see which virtual machines are over or underutilizing their allocated storage and understand the overall capacity allocation to actual usage of virtual storage.

Another difficult task is to determine the actual usage of physical resources in virtual environments. With APTARE IT Analytics, users can determine each virtual machine’s actual resource utilization, including runtime statistics for each virtual machine, storage resource utilization at the file system logical disk and virtual disk level for individual virtual machines and chargeback reports based on virtual machine consumption levels with associated costs based on user-defined pricing

Core to APTARE is a predictive analysis engine that forecasts your future storage capacity needs in virtualized environments based on current usage levels and growth metrics. This allows you to examine historical and current storage resource allocations for each virtual machine as well as storage mappings. This leads to a better understanding of how these storage views are growing or shrinking at an individual virtual machine level. And is available as a web platform that delivers comprehensive reporting and management tools for storage environments – from backup to capacity management.


Providing the most popular reports right out of the box – enabling you to diagnose and manage your environment immediately with minimal training. In addition, easily customized dashboards enable you to tailor your desktop to feature the information that’s critical to you. Email your customized dashboards and reports to other team members or schedule reports so they are automatically delivered in any time frame you choose.

At VMworld 2019 Europe this year we are going to tell you how and show you how you can build this capability into your own VMware estate. Register and come to my session “Know it all: How to be completely tuned in to your hybrid cloud” [HBI6303BES] on Tuesday, November 7th at 9:00 a.m., Hall 8.0, Room 34. See you at VMworld 2019 in Barcelona!