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Learning more about EV11.0.1

Level 6
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Want to learn more about Enterprise Vault 11.0.1

In our earlier blog "No Normal Service Pack" we explained that EV11.0.1 is no ordinary service pack and told you all about the great new features which have been introduced with this release. We have recieved a lot of positive feedback from customers and know that many have upgraded or are now planning to do so to take advantage of the new features. Whether you're already upgraded, thinking about it or need more convincing, then the following video lessons will help to educate you about the various new features, so get clicking to learn more about EV11.0.1.

What's New Overview

This module presents an overview of the updates and new features in Enterprise Vault 11.0.1. Details for the new features can be found in the other modules in this eLearning.


Link to Lesson (5 mins)

SMTP Archiving

This module provides an overview of the new SMTP archiving in Enterprise Vault 11.0.1, including a description of the SMTP archiving architecture. Steps for installing and configuring SMTP Archiving are outlined, including examples of how SMTP archiving can be configured to address different use cases. In addition, basic troubleshooting steps for SMTP Archiving are discussed.

Link to Lesson (45 mins)

PST Migration Enhancements

This module describes PST enhancements in Enterprise Vault 11.0.1, including Password Protection Override enhancements and the new PST Ownership Identification feature.


Link to Lesson  (10 Mins)

EVS Enhancements

This module describes the enhancements made to Enterprise Vault Search interface, including the new Enterprise Vault Search (EVS) Mobile and lists the features supported by EVS Mobile and explores the EVS Mobile interface. In addition, the module lists the supported platforms and illustrates deployment scenarios for Enterprise Vault Search


Link to Lesson (20 mins)

Monitoring Enhancements

This module describes the enhancements made to SCOM and System Status in Enterprise Vault 11.01


Link to Lesson (10 mins)


This module provides an overview of the SymHelp tool which is a diagnostic data gathering tool and a troubleshooting utility for multiple Symantec products including Enterprise Vault.


Link to Lesson (10 mins)

Additional Enhancements

This module outlines the Outlook client and SQL versions supported in Enterprise Vault 11.0.1, lists the new reference guides, and describes the new download options for Enterprise Vault client software packages. In addition, Enterprise Vault FSA 11.01 support for NetApp Cluster-Mode is described as well as Compliance Sampling and Accelerator UI updates


Link to Lesson (15 mins)