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Make Enterprise-Level Chargeback Quick and Easy

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In the world of IT, there are few tasks as complex and involved as a chargeback. Enterprises ingest more data now than ever before, and what’s more, around 90% of this data is estimated to be unstructured. This monumental figure spells difficulty for IT personnel, who are expected to provide chargeback or usage reports in increasing detail.

An accurate chargeback is dependent on solid data information, something that is in short supply in today’s fragmented IT structure. Most organizations utilize a mix of on-prem, international on-prem, and cloud datacenters, which, while potentially very responsive and cost-effective, causes a lot of disorganization. When generating reports, you’ll likely find that data is either incorrect, inconsistent, or severely outdated, not to mention that accessing your data may require the use of multiple interfaces for different storage resources.

The sheer difficulty of chargeback reporting in hybrid IT environments proves that tackling storage chargeback manually is no longer a viable option for IT organizations. Total resource visibility and automation, as provided by Veritas APTARE IT Analytics, is the path forward.

Chargeback Reporting for IaaS

Using a powerful agentless data collector, Veritas APTARE IT Analytics provides a clear picture of all storage resources, regardless of where they live, revealing how assets are being used by the business units. APTARE determines what constitutes individual business units by either interfacing with an external CMDB or allowing you to apply tags and attributes to hosts, storage units, and even LUNs. From there, APTARE provides out-of-the-box automated reports that can be scheduled at whatever interval is necessary, revealing individual business unit data use with ease. Whenever something changes in the IT structure, APTARE IT Analytics is automatically updated, removing the need for manual updates.

With APTARE, you will be able to take steps toward taking chargeback from a significant undertaking requiring hours of work to a zero-cost center for your organization, all while increasing the accuracy of your chargeback reports. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the APTARE chargeback process.