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Optimize Your Data Protection and Storage with APTARE

Any IT admin will tell you that managing and reducing risk within the data protection environment is one of their primary concerns, but IT environments are complicated. Without visibility into backups, it’s challenging to identify risk-prone areas of the IT structure and ensure compliance. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 90% of enterprise IT environments will operate on hybrid cloud in some capacity, meaning that monitoring data protection status becomes more difficult for your IT team.

In our experience, most IT administrators tend to be a bit optimistic in their estimations of their backup success rates. A standard estimate is that the average backup is 90%-95% successful. However, a quick data protection assessment typically reveals the alarming truth: the average backup success rate is usually closer to a meager 65%, sometimes even less. This means that 35% of data is at risk of being lost to an outage. 

While these numbers can be intimidating, we have some good news: improving backup doesn’t have to be a massive challenge.


Improving the Data Protection Environment

Veritas APTARE IT Analytics provides much-needed visibility into backup environments, allowing you to understand better and optimize backup processes. In a single dashboard, you can easily view which backups have been successful or failed, and which resources are over-protected, then access the tools needed to improve data protection and measure the impact of enhanced backups long-term. Check out some of the key use cases and benefits in our new video

As your data storage needs continue to expand, the data that is uncovered by backup scales upward as well. In one case, a customer of ours faced this very issue. A regional bank, expanding to national, stored a great deal of data on their clientele. As they grew, their data became more decentralized and steadily expanded. 

Storage costs skyrocketed, and IT personnel had to manually populate spreadsheets with the raw data produced by the backup mechanism, IBM TSM. As the bank shifted to hybrid IT environments, the workload for IT personnel became overwhelming, backups went incomplete without anyone noticing, and critical customer data was put at risk of loss. 

Once the bank’s IT admins put APTARE to work in their system, they immediately realized how much data was uncovered, and how much storage was wasted on outdated backups. APTARE can pull all relevant backup data from any provider, so admins were given instant visibility into their full backup environment. 

Using the APTARE Backup Manager, the bank’s IT staff were able to clean up their backup environment, ensure a much higher rate of backup protection, and track all future backups. 

How Optimized Backup Environments Improve Storage

In addition to providing the visibility needed to improve backup coverage, APTARE IT Analytics also reveals instances of overprotection and redundancies. Overprotected volumes and redundant backups needlessly consume your valuable storage resources, resulting in reduced levels of storage efficiency, and an extra load on data protection systems, which reduces performance. With APTARE’s industry-leading visibility, you can instantly uncover these inefficiencies within the backup environment, allowing you to make changes to improve backup and storage efficiency. 

APTARE automatically detects and reveals opportunities to reduce costs during the backup optimization process, helping you create new levels of resource efficiency throughout the IT structure.

Failed backups can easily plague any IT structure with costly problems. APTARE IT Analytics virtually eliminates the unnecessary risks that come with failed backups, while providing full control of all IT resources. 

Are you interested in learning more? Check us out on and schedule an APTARE IT Analytics demo.


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