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Recommendations for using Enterprise Vault with Exchange mailboxes targeted to migrate to O365

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Recently, we've encountered Enterprise Vault customers wanting to utilize O365 as messaging platform, migrating from on-prem Exchange server to O365. The biggest pain point is identifying details they must address before migrating Enterprise Vault enabled mailboxes.

Customers also want to know the Enterprise Vault functionalities impacted and available post migration to O365, as well as details on accessing archived data and Outlook add-in options. And to address compliance and regulatory requirements, some are seeking details on journaling and archiving the journaling stream in Enterprise Vault post O365 migration, as there is no true journaling in O365.

In this Veritas white paper—also available for download as an attachment at the close of this post—we provide guidance on configuring Enterprise Vault for Exchange mailboxes for customers migrating to Office 365, including details on Enterprise Vault functionalities available following migration and highlights addressing previously migrated mailboxes that did not attend to pre-configuration guidelines.