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Reveal Cost Savings in Your Storage Environment

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As one of the largest expenditure areas in IT, the storage environment deserves more attention than it gets. Today’s datacenters are continually expanding, with storage resources diversified across private and public clouds as well as local and global on-prem. Unfortunately, most organizations aren’t taking full advantage of the new technologies and practices being implemented in their environment. This is where a clear understanding of your IT structure’s storage environment becomes important and valuable.

One of the most significant problems looming over IT organizations today is the reality that most don’t actually know what makes up their storage environment. Between the multiple cloud and on-prem resources, manually keeping tracking of where specific data lives is more than difficult; it’s nearly impossible.

That is, unless you’re using Veritas APTARE IT Analytics, the market-leading solution for analytics across heterogeneous IT environments.

Dark Storage, Dedupe, and Much More

With an agentless data collector that gathers all storage resources into a single, navigable dashboard, APTARE delivers detailed analytics encompassing the full IT infrastructure, from storage to backup to virtual environments. From the moment it’s activated, APTARE begins indexing all storage assets, allowing you to discover previously unknown resources. From there, APTARE puts the power to optimize storage environments directly in your hands.

APTARE provides actionable insights across the storage environment, which can be used to accomplish many goals. You can reveal dark storage, which are resources reported as “in-use” that are actually unused, or you improve your dedupe processes, locating and cleaning out redundant data copies.

Each storage environment is structured in a unique way, each with its own unique problems. APTARE gives you the tools needed to tackle any challenge, large or small, and the power to improve the efficiency of your storage environment, ultimately resulting in better performance for the full IT structure.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to optimize storage with APTARE.