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Same Community - Different Name

We're really pleased that from today we've now got a newly named SymConnect community just for Archiving & eDiscovery. We had previously been sharing a community space called Backup & Archiving but we realised that there's a lot of discussion & information to share on both topics, so we decided that it would be better to make the move to two communities. There's already some excellent posts on this topic by our community manager (Swathi) about what the changes will mean to you and the differences you'll now see with the seperated communities, there's even a video

You can read the full announcment here which should hopefully answer all your questions, but meanwhile I've shown the key links below but please go and check out our new community and see what you think.



These have changed so update your shortcuts & book marks as follows, although your old links should be automatically diverted.

The main landing page:

EV PM Team Blog:

Community Blog:

Main EV Forum:


RSS Feeds

These have also changed so you'll need to update your RSS tool of choice with the new links

EV PM Blog Feed:

Community Blog Feed:

Forum Feed: