Server Settings Migration Wizard... Now Available!!

If your about to embark on a server refresh or migration then you'll want to check out our new 'Server Settings Migration Wizard' as long as your using 9.0.1 or later you'll now be able to take advantage of our simple wizard driven workflow.


Download and read about the 'Server Settings Migration Wizard' here...



Looking forward to the feedback from our customers. We've had great response from internal testing with this tool.

I'm so thoroughly confused, I mean, theres a laundry list of things for you to do
Disable user deletion, disable archiving, disable expiry, disable collections, disable moved items, disable manual archiving, disable manual actions in Virtual vault

Why not just programatically do that through the migration wizard since every single item is a database change? the only one i agree with doing manually is the DNS Alias changes

i wish this worked for older versions

As per JW2 - Something to assist with the pre-reqs would save so much time.  Apply the disabling via SQL and confirm that server is in a supported state to shutdown/migrate.

Making the settings to be migrated readable would have been great - or at least a way to view what would be migrated.

Verifying settings during migration - verify against best practices - option to revert.  How many suppport calls do you get where servers just don't have all the best tweaks?

I only did a few minutes testing:

  • Need to remind user that services will be stopped
  • On a cluster the services are not disabled
  • "Check if Vault Service Account is configured" failed on one of my test servers...still haven't found out why - lack of info
  • Hit-and-miss in detecting some settings - missed the Centerea info one of my servers...

Do Symantec Support support this tool?

Hi Alex

This is my own personal thoughts on your post. This is a Migration tool, to be used at the point of Migration. I can kinda see where you're coming from with these points, but for a tool to do this could be a time critical problem. I will try to explain myself.

The reason for these manual steps, I believe, were to allow the administrator time to relay the changes going ahead to the users within the EV system, and to also ensure that the server was at the correct point for migration (so stuff turned off, queues caught up with, notifications sent out, etc etc). If you had this done within the tool you would effectively have to run it a couple of times (I think) so that the settings could be applied, and when the various checks were confirmed, to then proceed with the migration itself. I guess this could be similar in the way that Move Archive works, as in the workflow element and also waiting for the backups and other process to take place....

I will make sure the people involved get subscribed to this thread to keep an eye and see what else comes along.

Well the thing is, when you have tens of thousands of enabled users (or in our case hundreds of thousands), little communication is going to be sent out to users that would not necessarily effect them.

At most you would typically see something that would be sent out saying that these server are down for maintainance.

As for the queues being caught up, it clearly states in the documentation just purge them, whats the point in waiting.
Especially since the A1 being purged isn't all that bad any more since EV9 got rid of the age old problem of creating duplicates

But really the goal of most upgrades is get in and get out, the less time i spend having to go through every single setting on every single policy to make sure users can't do different actions and then making sure that the users sync etc, thats time that could be spent for any troubleshooting that comes a long the way.

At the end of the day though, i can understand EV not trying to automatically do jobs it needs to , such as creating system mailboxes, assigning permissions in AD and Exchange and all that stuff, but the EV configuration is owned by EV and personally i think you can just knock those all outstraight off, because really you're taking the site down anyway right? you're not going to do a live migration, so if the users tried to delete, they'd get server unavailable anyway

As for move archive, well, i'm not going to go in to that, but it makes it unnecessarily difficult


what was the missing info regarding the Centera?

The section for Vault Store Partition / Group / Store appears on one server report (clustered) but not the other (standalone).  E.g. Colections and PEA

I haven't actually tried the migration part.  Wouldn't want to do that without knowing what changes it will apply.

Can you explain when a system fails the pre-req for Vaulkt service account?

 Contact me direct via email & I'll send you the reports.



Hi Simon

You can DTRACE the Server Migration tool using the cmdline. This may shed some light on your issue. The process is ServerMigration.

DTTrace done & sent.

Is this benificial for migrating from Windows 2008 64 bit to Windows 2008 R2 64?


Seems like its geared towards 32 to 64.

Hi JamaliP,

The wizard can be used to migrate EV settings from a Windows 2008 x64 server (or any other server operating system that EV 9.0 SP1 version supports) to Windows 2008 R2.