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Taking Action with Information Map

Information Map gives you fantastic insights in to the information that you’ve built up over time and continue to create on a daily basis. These insights help you identify data sets that you want to do something with, whether that be delete, move, secure, archive, whatever…

But how do you go about taking those actions with Information Map? The quick answer is that you use the ‘export’ functionality to create a list of all the files that you want to act on. You then process that list with a script. We’ve create a video overview of how to accomplish this:

We have an accompanying white paper which you can download from here. And we have provided some sample scripts in this discussion forum. If you’re able to share your own scripts then please feel free to post them in the forum as well. Let’s get an active community of sharing going.

So now you can start taking action to help reduce costs by deleting things like old large files, orphaned content or those cat videos we know our users store on the corporate network. Or you may want to reduce your risk exposure and start making yourselves more compliant for things like GDPR by identifying and cleaning up your PST files, removing all those database dumps which likely contain personal information along with general data minimization by managing all that information which is being over-retained.

If you have success stories of what you have achieved with Information Map, we’d love to hear from you. Drop me a private message, or if you can, share with a reply to this blog post.