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Veritas APTARE 10.4 Release Expands Capabilities to Public Sector, Core, & Connectors

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APTARE is a cloud-based IT Analytics platform that provides visibility across any cloud, storage, and data protection solution, all through a single pane of glass into a customer’s environment. The platform works to give actionable insights into heterogeneous environments and gain control while also: 

  • Providing reporting and analytics across a customer’s entire data protection estate, storage, and entire public and private cloud​.
  • Cutting annual IT infrastructure costs by 25-30 percent,​ mitigating risks across assets, showing where unprotected assets sit, and providing chargeback and IT optimization. ​ 
  • Predicting failures and mitigate risks to service level agreements with proactive recommendations.
  • Streamlining audits and backup performance.Unified IT Analytics.png

The APTARE 10.4 release expands capabilities to meet public sector compliance requirements, expands core product security, performance enhancements, and new connectors. 

What’s new in APTARE 10.4? 

  • Expanded capabilities to meet Public Sector compliance: VPAT Section 508​, FIPS 140-2, IPV6, and 2FA.
    • Expansion of core: Core internal updates to improve product security (Java 11, J axp(b), Open LDAP, pen testing, and threat modeling).
    • Performance enhancements, single sign-on, and SML support​.
  • New/enhanced collections​
    • Veritas NetBackup Appliance (CPUs, power supply, fans, temperature, internal disks).
    • Networker 9.2.1, Nakivo 9.1.1, Data Domain 6.2, ESXi 6.5, Avamar 19.1, & HPE Nimble.

Infrastructure ​optimization​. APTARE helps customers optimize infrastructure costs for data protection, storage, and cloud. APTARE helps address questions like “is your cloud environment less expensive than your on-prem?” or “what hosts should you migrate to/from the cloud-based on real performance data?”

Unified visibility​. APTARE provides end-to-end visibility, rich reporting, and analytics across the entire IT structure, including data protection, storage, virtualization, SAN networks, hosts/servers, and public/private clouds. APTARE delivers predictive, actionable IT insights in a single accessible dashboard (single pane of glass). ​

Simplified ITaaS. Chargeback enables IT to operate as a service provider, understand where budget is being spent, and chargeback cost to customers or business units by capacity and performance. ​

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