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Veritas Enterprise Vault 14.1 is now available

Employee Accredited Certified

I am delighted to announce the general availability of Veritas Enterprise Vault 14.1.

The new release is packed with customer-centric features to solve modern-day data management use cases. Enterprise Vault 14.1 further extends support for Amazon cloud services, new Veritas Advanced Supervision features for ease of access, and core enhancements, including better monitoring.

Key highlights of the release include:

Flexible deployment

  • Support for Amazon S3 Object Lock
    • Summary: Enterprise Vault now supports Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) primary partition in WORM mode using S3 Object Lock. 
    • Benefits:  With Object Lock support, customers will be able to archive data in the cloud on cost-effective Immutable Storage with High Availability and Reliability. This feature will enable EV customers from the Financial domain to comply with SEC 17a-4 in the United States and equivalent regulatory norms worldwide.



  • Support for Amazon S3 Intelligent Tiering
    • Summary: Enterprise Vault 14.1 supports S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) primary partitions and smart partitions.
    • Benefits: Amazon S3 Intelligent Tiering will help EV customers archive data to an appropriate storage class based on their usage patterns. Frequently accessed data will be stored on a fast disk (S3 Standard), whereas infrequently accessed data will be stored on a slow disk (S3-IA). Tiering will also help our customers to reduce their cloud storage costs further.




  • Generic S3 Connector
    • Summary: Enterprise Vault 14.1 introduces Generic Simple Storage Service (S3) connector for primary partition to allow archiving on S3-compliant storage devices.
    • Benefits: Generic S3 connector will allow EV customers to write data to any S3-compliant storage device of their choice, whether on-premise or in the cloud.  Our customers will have a free hand to choose the S3 storage vendor based on their requirements.

                          S3 Generic.jpg

                          Generic S3 1.jpg


Veritas Advanced Supervision (VAS)  

  • Search Preview
    • Summary: New version of Veritas Advanced Supervision (VAS) supports a preview of department-level search results before accepting/rejecting the search.
    • Benefits: Search Preview will help reviewers decide if the search results are based on their expectations and if they should accept it or modify the search criteria to get refined results. This will reduce noise in the review set. Search Preview is governed by new permission to avoid misuse. 


VAS-Search Preview1.jpg

  • Search for Author and Subject in the Review Pane
    • Summary: In the latest version of Veritas Advanced Supervision, items in the review pane can be filtered on Author and/or Subject criteria.
    • Benefits: Reviewers can easily narrow down their review set to the required author (email address/domain) or subject-specific items. These filters can work with full/partial domain names. This will help reviewers expedite the review process by laser focusing on specific authors or emails with a specific subject.


  • Simplified Searching & Selection of Monitored Employees
    • Summary: Veritas Advanced Supervision now supports searching and selecting monitored employees in a department while creating searches.
    • Benefits: While setting author/recipient criteria in a new search, customers can now easily find and select specific monitored employee(s) in any department. Customers can now easily find and select monitored employee(s) while creating a new search template.

VAS-Search & Selection.jpg

Discovery Accelerator

  • Export to NSF Rollover
    • Summary: Discovery Accelerator now allows NSF rollover while exporting Domino items to NSF file. An administrator can configure the NSF file size in MB beyond which it will be rolled over to a new file.
    • Benefits: The rollover feature will help customers export multiple NSF files of manageable size rather than one large NSF that cannot be opened using Lotus Notes. The maximum size for rollover is 65535 MB. The same functionality is made available in Compliance Accelerator too.


  • Export large size items to NSF
    • Summary: Discovery Accelerator now allows the export of large-size individual items. Export of a single file up to 2GB in size is now possible from Discovery and Compliance Accelerator.
    • Benefits: Exporting large-sized files is useful for customers who use Domino Email client for sharing these files as attachments.


Veritas Information Classifier

  • New Personal and Sensitive Data detection policies -  Enterprise Vault 14.1 includes Veritas Information Classifier 2.4.0 with new and expanded classification policies for Mexico, UAE, and India-specific personal and sensitive data. Enhanced capabilities to detect personal and sensitive data for data privacy regulations equivalent to GDPR.


  • COVID 19 Policies - New COVID-19 policy and enhancements to the existing COVID-19 policies for detecting ICD-10 Procedure Codes and ICD-10 CM Diagnostic Codes. Classify data based on the keywords related to COVID-19 Procedure and Diagnostics Codes. Use the classified data to respond to FOIA or RTI requests quickly.


  • FIPS 140-2 Compliance - Veritas Information Classifier 2.4.0 is now Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 standards compliant and meets the security requirements for cryptographic modules. PubSec customers can now use the latest Veritas Information Classifier (VIC) version to comply with FIPS 140-2 standards. The data processed by VIC will be encrypted in transit as well as at rest.


Core Improvements

  • Enterprise Vault Dashboard
    • Summary: Release 14.1 introduces Enterprise Vault Dashboard, a web-based solution that reflects the current state of Enterprise Vault Indexing.
    • Benefits: Index dashboard provides details at a granular level that can help an administrator act on unhealthy indexes in a timely manner. It assists Enterprise Vault administrators in identifying and resolve issues in the Indexing service.


  • Single Sign-On
    • Summary: Enterprise Vault now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication for Enterprise Vault Search using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 compliant Identity Providers (IdP).
    • Benefits: Single Sign-On (SSO) increases productivity, reduces risk by minimizing bad password habits, reduces help desk costs, and more importantly, accelerates user adoption of the company-promoted apps.


For more information, get all the details in the following resources:

The GA software and the associated license keys are available to Customers and Partners from the MyVeritas portal.