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Veritas GDPR Risk Analyzer – Find Personal Data now!

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“How can software help me with my General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance efforts?”

I get asked that a lot and like any compliance effort the answer is rarely black and white.

What is black and white is that GDPR compliance, much like any compliance effort, starts and hinges on knowledge about where data, that requires governance, is located. It’s THE fundamental piece behind compliance. Without knowing where you store data how can you hope to comply with whatever regulation is governing it?

GDPR is no different. It asks organisations to have a firm understanding of where they are collecting, storing and processing Personal Data. So, how can software help with this task?

Simple. Software can help by scanning through your content sources and automatically discovering, classifying and tagging when Personal Data is found.

Need proof?  Easy. Here at Veritas we’ve built a tool to demons1.pngtrate how this is achieved. Its called the Veritas Risk and Compliance Analyzer.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free to use. Yes really free. Not Freemium, not trialware, not pay per use… free).

The Veritas Risk and Compliance Analyzer demonstrates how our classification technology can be used to scan through a data set and determine where Personal Data is located so that appropriate action can be taken against it.

Enough of me talking. Why not check out the tool yourself: and put our classification engine to the test.

You can also find out more on our GDPR solution offering here: