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Veritas announces release of Enterprise Folder Sync Hybrid option

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We’re excited to announce the general availability of Veritas Enterprise Folder SyncTM option for Hybrid deployments. With this release, Enterprise has enhanced its integration with Microsoft email platform by introducing the ability to synchronize email folder structure from both Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

 Folder Sync is an add-on option with that synchronizes end user folder structure to their archive. Folder Sync allows users to: 

  • Navigate their email folder structure in
  • Search emails across the entire archive or in individual folders


Folder Sync makes email folders available in Personal.cloudFolder Sync makes email folders available in

Highlighted features of this release are: 

  1. Exchange 2016 certification: We have expanded Folder Sync to support Microsoft Exchange 2016 mailbox in addition to continue supporting older versions of Microsoft Exchange (Exchange 2007 onwards)
  2. De-duplicates Migrated Mailboxes: Folder Sync automatically identifies and de-duplicates mailboxes that are migrated from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Office 365. This feature ensure that email folder structure remains consistent after migration
  3. Multi-server deployment: Customers can now install Folder Sync kit on multiple servers to improve service continuity as Folder Sync will continue to function as long as at-least one server is up and running. In addition, Folder Sync also intelligently distributes workload to enhance performance
  4. Easier configuration: With this release, we have simplified installation and configuration of Folder Sync kit. Folder Sync now employs Exchange Web Services (EWS) in-place of MAPI protocol to connect with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Customers no longer need to maintain Outlook profile during Folder Sync installation
  5. Administration & Reporting: Enhanced monitoring and reporting functionality via Management console reduces IT administration overhead

If you are interested in purchasing the Folder Sync add on, then please get in-touch with your Veritas account manager. Existing customers can access the Folder Sync add-on documentation here and can download the executable from here.