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Veritas introduces 360 Data Management for GDPR

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I am excited to officially announce the launch of Veritas 360 Data Management for GDPR.  This integrated solution establishes a new benchmark for comprehensive data privacy protection and governance. 

Veritas’ unique compliance-by-design development process has brought tremendous clarity to an incredibly complex regulation.  The output of this process is a holistic solution that brings together data management and services to prepare organizations for the strictest GDPR mandates. 


The simplicity of 360 Data Management for GDPR is critical considering that only 31% of organizations are currently prepared to meet minimum GDPR requirements.  With just a little over one year left before the GDPR comes into effect, organizations must begin to develop a roadmap for becoming compliant or be prepared to face severe penalties if an information crisis strikes.  

360 Data Management for GDPR begins with the Veritas GDPR Readiness Assessment, a new service that pinpoints organizational GDPR maturity and defines clear next steps regarding GDPR-specific people, process, and technology decisions. Once organizations receive targeted recommendations, they can deploy Veritas’ unique data management capabilities across each of the five critical 360 Data Management for GDPR component areas:

  • Locating Data for GDPR Compliance: Veritas metadata analytics provides accurate data maps so organizations can easily determine where personal and sensitive data is stored and who has access to it.
  • Searching Data for GDPR Compliance: Veritas machine learning technology can easily uncover buried personal data to ensure individuals’ data privacy rights are met, including “right to be forgotten” requests.
  • Minimizing Data for GDPR Compliance: Veritas personal data classification enables organizations to set policies that help organizations retain the right information and delete the rest, helping to adhere to strict storage limitation guidelines.
  • Protecting Data for GDPR Compliance: Veritas unified data protection delivers an end-to-end audit trail that demonstrates data protection and resiliency protocols are being met.
  • Monitoring Data for GDPR Compliance: Veritas predictive threat analytics helps organizations automatically identify anomalous behavior and facilitates single-click breach investigations.

Ultimately, our goal is to help as many organizations as possible around the globe achieve GDPR compliance.  We fundamentally believe that this mandate arms organizations with a game-changing playbook full of best-practice data management principles, which will translate to less risk and significantly more value for our customers.    We can’t wait to help you get started on your journey.

For more information about 360 Data Management for GDPR, please visit: