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Veritas partners with Google to improve G Suite enterprise governance

On March 7 Veritas announced a broad Google partnership that will include Enterprise support for G Suite Enterprise. The solution was developed to empower regulated G-Suite Enterprise customers with, policy-based information retention management, and easy to use eDiscovery that meets regulatory requirements for preserving and retrieving data in long term storage.

G Suite Enterprise is a new offering from Google.  It’s targeted at large enterprise customers who need more than the built-in retention feature that Google Vault has always offered in G Suite email as a built-in archive.  Google Vault makes copies of user emails, which is useful as an operational method to recover mail that people delete, then find they still need.  But prior to the release of G Suite Enteprise, Google did not have the functionality required by enterprise customers to journal archive email and manage eDiscovery matters in a fully compliant, efficient and cost effective manner.

Now, Veritas Enterprise is available to enable G Suite for Enterprise customers to:

  • Confidently migrate on-premesis email to cloud email: The compliance-ready, Enterprise SaaS solution ensures organizations can quickly have their cloud-based email up and running without any gaps in their compliance and eDiscovery coverage.
  • Simplify retention management and compliance proof:  Enterprise implements a standardized and consistent, policy-driven retention process across all data and all users that automates the work and provides proof of compliance with data preservation regulations.
  • Satisfy strict legal requirements: By providing a journal archiving service, scalable legal hold,  and case management workflow, Enterprise meets the high bar required of highly regulated organizations by securely preserving targeted data, following prescribed process , and ensuring a secure chain of custody for audit and evidential data.
  • Improve both IT and end-user eDiscovery productivity: Powerful and easy to use tools simplify Hold, Search and Discovery processes, so that IT staff can spend less time on the task, or even enable end users to search and discover for themselves.

Regulated organizations considering moving to Google G Suite Enterprise email can make the move with confidence that they won’t leave any gaps in their compliance or legal coverage if they use Enterprise to archive their mail.  Learn more.