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The Veritas Insights blog brings the latest news and views about how to gain visibility into your data, storage, and backup infrastructure to take control of data associated risks.

Blog Articles

APTARE IT Analytics ‒ Easy to Deploy and Configure

Veritas APTARE IT Analytics is the only IT analytics platform that offers unified insights for all major storage, backup, and virtual infrastructures through a single pane of glass both on-premises an...


IT analytics—a better approach to manage cloud costs

Migrating to cloud IT infrastructure for its flexibility, scalability, and cost benefits by lowering storage and compute spend has become a lucrative endeavor. However, cloud migration can be a very d...


Make Enterprise-Level Chargeback Quick and Easy

In the world of IT, there are few tasks as complex and involved as a chargeback. Enterprises ingest more data now than ever before, and what’s more, around 90% of this data is estimated to be unstruct...


Reveal Cost Savings in Your Storage Environment

As one of the largest expenditure areas in IT, the storage environment deserves more attention than it gets. Today’s datacenters are continually expanding, with storage resources diversified across pr...


Optimize Datacenter Performance at Your Fingertips

Over the last several years, the rapid diversification of resources comprising the datacenter has caused the complexity of the average IT structure to increase drastically. The days of exclusively on-...