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The Veritas Insights blog brings the latest news and views about how to gain visibility into your data, storage, and backup infrastructure to take control of data associated risks.

Blog Articles

Next steps for the federal data strategy

By now, we’ve all heard how the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) sets bold goals for IT modernization. A vital element of the PMA is the creation of a Federal Data Strategy. This is a wise choice. ...


Leadership lessons from The Boss

I recently attended Springsteen on Broadway. I’m a NJ native and a longtime fan, so it was an amazing experience to see Bruce in an intimate setting and hear him sing the songs that defined important ...


Do you know your leadership blind spots?

A few years ago, Donald Rumsfeld famously talked about “unknown unknowns.” His quote was in response to a question about the Iraq war. Although viewed positively today, his words initially provoked a ...


Becoming Cloud Smart(er)

I was a big supporter of cloud technologies during my CIO career. In fact, my team and I at the Food and Nutrition Service were among the first in government to create a cloud-based app, with the laun...


How to lead with a "wise mind"

Years ago, I asked a hiring manager what she looked for in experienced hires. It wasn’t technical or management skills. She said it was “wisdom.” I asked her to define what she meant, but she really c...


Your influence is your greatest asset

I left government service eight months ago. Since then, colleagues have often asked me about the biggest difference I’ve experienced moving back into industry. For me, it’s been the need to lead diffe...


Open your mind to open innovation

Innovation is always a hot topic. Over the years, we’ve seen innovation offices created and people take on the role of Chief Innovation Officer. But, while putting the word “innovation” in an office t...


Open your data to inspire trust

We live in a time of historic distrust in institutions, especially governments. As a former Fed and a believer in public service, this greatly troubles me. There are no simple solutions to repair this...


Leading in data by asking the right questions

I recently met with the CTO of a major public utility. This individual is responsible for all of the data and technology that supports the safe delivery of clean, affordable, reliable energy to a majo...


Big data is revolutionizing health care

“The cure for cancer is big data.” This bold statement was made earlier this year by Norman Sharpless, the director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). He shared this idea as part of a story he to...