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eDiscovery Platform 9.0.1 goes GA today!!

I'm super pleased to announce the first maintenance pack for version 9 of the eDiscovery Platform - 9.0.1.

Following our agile development methodology, we are continuing to take advantage of maintenance releases as a delivery vehicle for feature updates as well as fixes to ensure we are continually delivering value to our customers.

Here's a summary of the updates you can find in 9.0.1:

Legal Hold:

  • Legal Hold SSO with Integrated Windows Authentication – allows customers to fully integrate the full Legal Hold workflow into their chosen authentication toolset simplifying access to holds for end users.


  • Run Onsite collections silently without user intervention – collect data on laptops/desktops without relying on interaction by the end user.
  • Improvements in EV archive filtering to ensure EV archive locations are tracked and updated appropriately rather than having outdated and duplicate entries in the archive selector.
  • The ability to set the default Collection Set type via a property.
  • When creating a collection set, you can now hover over the tasks to see the task description – this helps differentiate the tasks more easily to help build an appropriate collection set.
  • Support for collections from Windows Server 2016 and verification of Office 2016 collections/processing/export.


  • The ability to export native data via a new Content Only collection set workflow WITHOUT processing.  This is across all supported data sources and allows for the “pump and dump” style workflow allowing for data to simply be exported or put forward for further analysis and review in the platform.
  • The ability to Produce data without including the non-matching item slip-sheets – this will be a benefit to any Subject Access Request workflow.


  • support for IPv6 including IPv6 only and dual stack environments.


In addition, a roll up of fixes is also part of the release including updates found in 8.3 CHF3 that were not available in the base 9.0 GA.

Please review the full Release Notes here: