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Announcing Globanet Merge1 for Veritas eDiscovery Platform


Ever since the days that Veritas eDiscovery Platform (eDP) was known as Clearwell (and that’s how it is still known among many longtime users), it’s provided a comprehensive eDiscovery solution. eDP covers the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model enabling:

  • fast legal holds to thousands of custodians in a few mouse clicks,
  • providing advanced search capabilities (with the ability to run up to 100 searches simultaneously), 
  • utilizing predictive coding and machine learning to tag specific criteria, 
  • delivering advanced analytics and reporting, and much more.

Veritas remains a market leader in eDiscovery since its acquisition of Clearwell almost ten years ago.  But a lot has changed in the digital world since then.  Case matters are no longer limited to e-mail – they now include instant messaging, social media, collaboration tools, and more… almost any application we use these days could be the subject of a legal hold.

Config_Wizard.PNGIf you’re an IT administrator, you know how hard it is to collect from so many different content sources. To make your life easier, eDP can now support collection from over 80 new content sources through our partnership with Globanet.In the same way that we’ve supported collection from those 80+ content sources in Enterprise Vault for years now, we’ve added that ability in the eDiscovery Platform. eDP can already collect natively from key sources like Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Lotus Domino, file shares, EV/, and several others, but the number of collection sources has now been exponentially increased with this new announcement.  The sources now include collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom, Workplace, and Microsoft Teams, support for messaging and mobile mediums like SMS and DingTalk (widely used in China), and dozens of other popular financial platforms and file-sharing tools.

And here’s the best part about this partnership with Globanet Merge1 – as the collaboration tools, messaging apps, and social media platforms continue to change & evolve (and we know they will), so too will the list of supported content sources.  And since being the leader in compliance capture and eDiscovery is a primary focus for Globanet, they are constantly updating their list of supported content types and ensuring communication platforms can be captured in the most compliant manner… much like how Veritas works to keep our Classification patterns & policies current by constantly adding new ones.

What does all of this mean?  It means that moving forward, the eDiscovery Platform will be able to provide all of its industry-leading eDiscovery workflow capabilities on virtually every major digital content source in existence.

It’s a huge enhancement for an already powerful eDiscovery solution. For more information and details on our Veritas / Globanet Merge1 offering, see the datasheet here.