Keeping Data Protected through the Rapid Shift from Traditional RDBMS to Open Source RDBMS

Not long ago, most of the world still operated on traditional, commercial relational database management systems with structured data neatly organized into tables, rows, and columns. Times have obviously changed. In just a few short years, the market has seen tremendous growth in new open source RDBMS database systems, as well as NoSQL, big data, and hyperconverged infrastructure platforms. If you’ve already made the move to open source RDBMS workload environments, or are feeling the pressure to do so in an effort to reduce costs, attend this session to see how NetBackup supports the very latest in open source RDBMS systems--all integrated and built into the NetBackup platform.
This presentation was originally delivered at Vision 2017 on Tuesday, Sep 19, 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM.