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5220> two failures so far


After the last few upgrades I'm beginning to think that Symantec/Veritas is more interested in continuous "new shiny features" to attract Managers rather than fixing and perfecting last week's shiny.  The quality and the Admin Friendly quotients have both fallen off a cliff...

/end comentary

So far the only one of my Appliances that I've attempted the> upgrade on has failed twice.

The first time due to not enough unallocated space in the BASE unit (why can't they check for that in the pre-check and also flag it in the Release Notes?).

Support was able to find that error, alert me to it, and point me to the KB on resizing and moving stuff around.

After I did some serious resizing and moving on all my Appliances (proactive moves) I tried this one again...

Now I've also got the dreaded "Command install_NB_rpm failed to execute." failure.  I'm waiting for Support to tell me which of their EEBs are somehow incompatible.

List of installed EEBs:


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Based on sdo's (and others)

Based on sdo's (and others) experience you might want to try go to first.


Annoying I know, but it would probably takes less time in total to do a successful upgrade to >

I've seen SDO (and others)

I've seen SDO (and others) having issues with upgrades to too. In there case from Maybe you should try go to instead, and then to


In the end the dual upgrade might still be quicker and less troublesome than the one you're attempting now.



Thanks...I'm following that

Thanks...I'm following that other thread also...

If I don't hear anything back from Support by tomarrow morning I'll give the two-step approach a shot.  I've got three 5220's and one 5230 to upgrade and all of them have at least one EEB on them for various issues that should have been caught and fixed before was released...


Well, I finally got the

Well, I finally got the upgrade to rolling back all EEBs that were installed except for the one that made major changes to how VMWare backups are handled...I forget the number on that one.  Support originally told me that the problem was because I had a version 1 and a version 2 EEB installed at the same time...but uninstalling both of them still didn't work so I did as close to a "nuke them all" as I dared.

So...aparently their installer can't handle known EEBs...

And now, on two different 5220's that I've upgraded there's a warning about "vxdctl upgrade" needing to be that's yet another Support Ticket...

I'm really surprised that a x.x.x.1 release is this buggy.