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5230 Appliance IPMI interface and port 8282??

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Does anyone know why port 8282 is open on the *IPMI* interface of a 5230 Appliance?  I've found quite a bit of info regarding port 8282 and OpsCenter, but I'm perplexed as to why the IPMI interface on my appliances has port 8282 open.

Any idea of how to shut it down?


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IPMI's remote KVM requires these ports to be opened.

  • 5120 - CD Redirection
  • 5123 - FD Redirection
  • 5124 - CD Redirection (secure)
  • 5127 - FD Redirection (secure)
  • 7578 - Video Redirection
  • 7582 - Video Redirection (secure).

There's no mention of port 8282.

It's rather strange - I am able to connect to port 8282 via web browser and there is a weird SHA1 cert presented... 

I'm unable to figure out what the heck this is - I've opened a case with Veritas to sort it out.  Will keep this thread updated, should anyone, someday, have their Security organization bug 'em about this.

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NBU Ports manual says that this port (plus some others) is required for OpsCenter Web Browser and that port should be allowed from all network hosts.

See NetBackup Network Ports Reference Guide 



 I can't for the life of me figure out why OpsCenter would need a port open on the IPMI module.

I have a case open and they are requesting info such taht they can contact Intel (I presume the mfg or the IPMI?).

We'll see...