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5230 hangs on POST after 3.1.2/8.1.2 upgrade

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I am in the final stages of upgraded our NetBackup environment from version 7.7.3 to 8.1.2. I have successfully upgraded the master servers, and 4 out of 6 NetBackup appliances. However, I have a major issue with my last 2 appliances.

They are both model 5230's, were both running the exact same 7.7.3 version with all patches, upgraded disk firmware, and upgraded to 8.1.2 today. I even got email notifications from the appliances that "Appliance is successfully upgraded to 3.1.2" message.

Both rebooted 2-3 times (I wasn't watching the whole time), and now both of them hang after the Symantec splash screen with a blinking cursor.

I have let them sit untouched for several hours, and nothing. I checked the BIOS and everything seems correct, but I have attached 2 pics for you to look at.

I have scoured the Internet and Knowledgebase, but to no avail. I have not called Support yet because I thought I could find an answer or fix it myself, and also it is now after 10pm EST.

Does anyone have any ideas on what's going on? It just seems like it might be the same fix because the issue is only happening on my 5230's. The upgrade was successful on our 5240's and 5330's. Only my 5230's are having this issue.

Thank you!


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I've not been involved in NBU Appliances for quite a while but this sounds like a boot order issue e.g. it has not been reset from booting from USB/Virtual ISO to booting from the OS RAID group. I'd check the BIOS "Hard Disk Order" setting; there was a known issue with 5220 boot order, maybe this is something similar? And if it is still an issue I would not hesitate to open a support call.

Good luck. Andrew

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Hopefully you have logged a Support call by now? 
Veritas Support is 24x7 available. 


Thanks Andrew. I thought this also because I too had issues with some older 5220's a while back. As far as I can tell, the boot order and disk orders look fine. I can't find any docs showing the correct order on the 5230's.

I have opened a case, but no response yet.