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5240 - Set all FC ports as Initiators

Level 6

I have a brand new 5240 which has a couple FC ports configured as "Target (FTMS)" instead of "Initiator" - I want all ports to be set as "Initiator."

**** Ports ****
Bus ID Slot Port Port WWN Status Physical State Configuration Type Speed Remote Ports
06:00.0 Slot5 1 21:00:00:24:FF:7C:7F:8E Online Initiator Target(FTMS) 8 gbit/s
06:00.1 Slot5 2 21:00:00:24:FF:7C:7F:8F Online Initiator Initiator 8 gbit/s
07:00.0 Slot6 1 21:00:00:24:FF:7D:D9:1A Online Initiator Target(FTMS) 8 gbit/s
07:00.1 Slot6 2 21:00:00:24:FF:7D:D9:1B Online Initiator Initiator 8 gbit/s
81:00.0 Slot4 1 21:00:00:24:FF:7C:7F:9E Online Initiator Initiator 8 gbit/s
81:00.1 Slot4 2 21:00:00:24:FF:7C:7F:9F Linkdown Initiator Initiator 8 gbit/s

I've tried configuring it explicitly as an Initiator, but it errors out:

osnbuap06.FC> Configure Deduplication Initiator 5:1
[Error] V-409-810-0018: The current appliance model is not standard. Check your HBA card configuration and then contact Veritas Technical Support.


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Please contact Veritas Support to find out if this kind of reconfiguration is supported. 


Level 6

 I'm going to guess that you're running 2.7.3.  Is that correct?

I'm pretty sure that this I/O configuration of 3 HBAs requires 3.0 to function properly (it's a new config).  If you're running 2.7.3 it wouldn't recognize this as a valid configuration and therefore give you this error.  You absolutely can turn all ports into initiator ports once you get the version resolved.

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