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AIR Firewall Ports ????

Hi ,

I need to configure AIR between two virtual Masters and 2 5240. In between, there will be 2 static NAT Firewalls,

Has anyone even configured AIR with Firewalls, does it work ?



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Re: AIR Firewall Ports ????

Hi, Look at this book: NetBackup77_Network_Ports_Reference_Guide.pdf

I'm used to open 3 ports for AIR replication:

1556/TCP: Symantec Private Branch Exchange Service

10082/ TCP: Content Router (spoold)

10102/ TCP NetBackup Deduplication Manager (spad) port

Look at page 18

Best regars

Frederic Buirey

Re: AIR Firewall Ports ????

Thanks Buirey,

I will give it a go.



Re: AIR Firewall Ports ????

Here is the link to download the doc: NetBackup Network Ports Reference Guide