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Adding tape library to 5250 appliance, errors when requesting mount

Level 4

Running, on 5250 Veritas appliance.  Added a Spectra Stack with LTO9 drives.  Created a new SLP, writing to appliance disk and duplicating to local drive.  Unfortunately, every attempt at duplication fails with error 150 (cancelled by administrator) between 20 and 40 seconds after the mount request (??)

For example:

Mar 19, 2024 2:05:16 PM - Info bptm (pid=199772) Waiting for mount of media id C6000L (copy 2) on server MasterServer.
Mar 19, 2024 2:05:16 PM - started process bptm (pid=199772)
Mar 19, 2024 2:05:16 PM - mounting C6000L
Mar 19, 2024 2:05:16 PM - Info bptm (pid=199772) INF - Waiting for mount of media id C6000L on server MasterServer for writing.
Mar 19, 2024 2:05:17 PM - begin reading
Mar 19, 2024 2:06:10 PM - Error bpduplicate (pid=199372) bpduplicate terminated by signal (1)
Mar 19, 2024 2:06:10 PM - Error bptm (pid=199772) media manager terminated during mount of media id C6000L, possible media mount timeout
Mar 19, 2024 2:06:12 PM - Error bptm (pid=199772) media manager terminated by parent process
Mar 19, 2024 2:06:12 PM - Error bpdm (pid=199855) media manager terminated by parent process
Mar 19, 2024 2:06:17 PM - Error bpduplicate (pid=199372) Duplicate of backupid Client_1710661972 failed, termination requested by administrator (150).
Mar 19, 2024 2:06:17 PM - Error bpduplicate (pid=199372) Status = no images were successfully processed.
Mar 19, 2024 2:06:17 PM - end Duplicate; elapsed time 0:01:02
Mar 19, 2024 2:06:22 PM - Info MasterServer (pid=199855) StorageServer=PureDisk:MasterServer; Report=PDDO Stats for (MasterServer): read: 66209 KB, CR received: 138470 KB, CR received over FC: 0 KB, dedup: 0.0%
termination requested by administrator  (150)


Level 6

Hi @nholtz 

You are using LTO9 - have you read the important note relating to LTO9 in the HCL?

You need to ensure that each new tape is initialised prior to use (Uninitialized LTO-9 media is not supported with NetBackup. LTO-9 media must run a one-time characterization/optimization step to calibrate the tape before it can be used for backup. This process can take from 12 minutes to 2 hours. If a NetBackup job is assigned a brand new, uninitialized LTO-9 tape cartridge, the mount may time out and mark the assigned tape drive down)


Level 4

Thanks David!  I was not aware of this requirement, which I will be bringing up with our Spectra sales rep.  Seems like there is a wizard in the Spectra GUI for initializing media, and I've started that process.

I should mention, Spectra claims their media come 'initialized' and this shouldn't be an issue.  But I'm running each tape thru the process anyway. 

I will update if this fixes the issue (no more 150 errors) 

Level 4

Similar errors still occurring with duplication...

Mar 20, 2024 11:04:16 AM - granted resource  C6016L
Mar 20, 2024 11:04:16 AM - granted resource  IBM.ULTRIUM-HH9.001
Mar 20, 2024 11:04:16 AM - granted resource  MasterServer-hcart3-robot-tld-1-LTO9
Mar 20, 2024 11:04:16 AM - granted resource  MediaID=@xaxb1;DiskVolume=PureDiskVolume;DiskPool=dp_disk_MasterServer;Path=PureDiskVolume;StorageServer=MasterServer;MediaServer=MasterServer
Mar 20, 2024 11:04:17 AM - begin reading
Mar 20, 2024 11:05:11 AM - Info bptm (pid=206293) media id C6016L mounted on drive index 2, drivepath /dev/tape/by-path/pci-0000:18:00.1-fc-0x5000e111e14850d4-lun-0-nst, drivename IBM.ULTRIUM-HH9.001, copy 2
Mar 20, 2024 11:06:07 AM - Error bpduplicate (pid=205983) bpduplicate terminated by signal (1)
Mar 20, 2024 11:06:09 AM - Error bptm (pid=206293) media manager terminated by parent process
Mar 20, 2024 11:06:09 AM - Error bpdm (pid=206376) media manager terminated by parent process
Mar 20, 2024 11:06:19 AM - Info MasterServer (pid=206376) StorageServer=PureDisk:MasterServer; Report=PDDO Stats for (MasterServer): read: 10787173 KB, CR received: 2232625 KB, CR received over FC: 0 KB, dedup: 0.0%
Mar 20, 2024 11:06:34 AM - Error bpduplicate (pid=205983) Duplicate of backupid Client1_1710663627 failed, termination requested by administrator (150).
Mar 20, 2024 11:06:34 AM - Error bpduplicate (pid=205983) Status = no images were successfully processed.
Mar 20, 2024 11:06:34 AM - end Duplicate; elapsed time 0:02:20
termination requested by administrator  (150)

I've gone thru the Spectra Wizard to initialize tapes, all tapes currently in the library are initialized per the Spectra wizard.  I've restarted NBU on the master and all media servers (this particular error is happening on the master server which is also acting as the media server for this tape library) (in case that's relevant?)  It "feels" like it's getting a little further in that I "see" "Current Kilobytes Written" incrementing slightly from the job details of the duplication, but still fails after a minute or so.

Is there a way to verify in NBU if the tapes are 'initialized'?

Hi @nholtz 

I will start by saying that I don't have LTO9, nor have I used this anywhere.

Does the initialization process you use calibrate the entire tape (which is how I read the caution from the HCL). The process apparently can take up to 2 hours per tape (and as little as 12 minutes).

If you think you have done everything correctly, then I would suggest logging a support call to see if they are able to provide an answer as to why the tapes do not support writing.