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Appliance 5220 new configuration issue

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We have an issue with netbackup appliance 5220 appliance configuration.

It fail with an error " Failed to move the Netbackup Appliance Directory serveice to configuration partition".

Attached file for reference.

The following are action performed:

1)   Factory reset the appliance and try to upgrade it to 3.1.1 ---- Result:- self test failed.

2)   Flash the appliance with USB to version 2.7.3  --- Result :-  Successful but after first attempt to configure as media server, Mongodb services is failed.

My master server version is 8.1.1 on windows 2016 failover cluster ( two-node ).

Need your support to resolve this issue.





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Hi Jaweed

The 5220 will be EOSL in 2 months time. Its not a good idea to try and use it anymore.

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Hello Riaan,

Thanks for your reply.

We have already informed to the customer about EOSL, but they are insisting to configure this appliance before they buy a new appliance.

Where do you think the issue? is it with RAID controller of appliance ? 


What in the information you have provided leads you to believe the RAID controller is the problem -- is there something else you haven't told us?  What logs have you reviewed?  What was the cause of the self-test failure when attempting to re-image at 3.1.1?  Have you run a hardware test and gotten any errors?

It's unlikely, but is the appliance still under maintenance/support?  If so, they should log a ticket.  While fundamentally I agree with Riaan, some environments really like to milk every day they can out of an expiring platform, I get that.  This technology was originally released in 2011, so it is at the end of its life expectancy for sure.

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