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Appliance 5230 file system showing read only

Hi Friends,


I am facing an issue file system read only with appliance 5230 and cannot login on appliance via putty and getting below error.

Pleas help me.


Appliance.Support> Maintenance
<!-- Maintenance Mode --!>
Error in tempfile() using /tmp/errfile_XXXXXX: Could not create temp file
/tmp/errfile_qQQ3H4: Read-only file system at /opt/NBUAppliance/scripts/ line 266





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Hi Ranjan Is this after a

Hi Ranjan


Is this after a reboot? Have you tried to reboot. Seems there might be something wrong with the root file system. It might need to be checked and only then can it be remounted as RW.


Try a reboot, and if that doesn't work, open a support case. I don't see any way to login into the appliance since it boots with CLISH and you'll can't get to out of CLISH and into CLI because of the RO problem. Maybe support have special trick.

Thanks Riaan for your reply.

Thanks Riaan for your reply. Actually this is third time when we have faced same issue. Last time issue was due to file system corruption... and we had to repair the file system with fsck command line... now again this is same issue when it looks like file system is currupted.. I have open a support case with Symantec and TSE has found that /tmp was full, TSE has deleted the temp files in /tmp and via ipmi with single user mode.


But when i asked to TSE that why /tmp was full - They did not gave any clear answer.....

Now we are able to login on appliance but the question still remain same, why the file system curruption is happening every time. Whenever we are escallating to symantec they come and fix the issue, but there is no clear answer. 

They said space should be cleared automatically but in this case looks like its not happening. 

MSDP pool highwater mark is set to 95 % and most of the SLP's are configured with capacity managed... so according to configuration MSDP pools shouldn't get full..

Appliance version is on 2.5.3

Looking forward your reccomendation to overcome on this issue.





Hi, Well that version is



Well that version is quite old, so maybe try and get customer approval for upgrade. Also, keep an eye on the /tmp/ folder to see what type of files are filling it up. Then you can troubleshoot further.

You really need to upgrade