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Appliance 5230 media server role with SAN Media Server and FT Media server

Hello everybody,


I would like to know if it is posible to have enabled San Media server and FT Media server at the appliance side because i need to have SAN Client backups and VMware backups baked up on the same appliance deduplicated storage.


Best Regards.

2 Replies

It is very possible. Be aware

It is very possible. Be aware of performance impact if you have a lot of SAN clients.

Two different things here

Two different things here - 

1. SAN Client - Works well with 2.6.x . Maximum number streams per media server should be set to lower limit i.e. 8. This can really help you OR can give you nightmares if not configured correctly. Also you cannot exceed number of SAN client beyond specific number as the limitatio is posed from the Appliance OS due to the fact that number of FT pipes that can be handled. Roughly 8 clients per FT port is something which worked for me very well. 

2. VMware backups - This is different that the SAN client. Appliance works as proxy for the backups. You need to zone the datastore LUN in order to backup the data over SAN.

Following guides should help you.

Symantec NetBackup 52xx and 5330 Appliance Fibre Channel Guide: DOC8188

Symantec NetBackup 52xx and 5330 Appliance Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning Guide: DOC8187