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Appliance 5240 memory recommendation

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Please your comments, we have 3 5240 appliances with 4 storage shelves (201TB each one), the appliances have 128GB RAM, is enough this RAM with this capacity? or we must increase to 192GB RAM?

We have some performence issues with our backups, for example spoold process takes all RAM or sometimes more (140GB), we can watch this with top -M command, additional to this, we have more than 10% of waiting processes.





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Seems Veritas believes that 128GB is sufficient. 
See attached Technical Brief  (unable to find the URL right now...)

Best to share your experience with Veritas Support.

OK thanks for your response.  I said that because in the documentation says (Attachment)

If Veritas recommends 128GB with one Storage Shelf, what happen if we have 2, 3, 4 to 6 Storage Shelfs?

My logic indicates that the more storage I install, the more memory the appliance needs.  We have 4 storage shelfs, near the limit.








The appliance is designed not to have to be upgraded with every shelf.  You can think of it as being over-memoried (is that a word??) for MSDP with the first storage shelf and properly sized up to 6 shelves for most workloads.

If you are suffering from a lack of memory due to extremely high concurrent job counts, log a support ticket for analysis to be done on the performance of the appliance.  There is a supported mechanism to go above 128, but it isn't sold as a regularly available option and needs a support exception.

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Thank you for your response, today, the support (we have BCS) has recommended upgrade the 128GB memory to 192GB.

I think that some issue was detected.


Yep, that's the right path to go.  If they're recommending it out of support, it can be obtained.  Talk to your Account Rep/SE if your BCAM/BCE/RPS hasn't already.

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OK Thanks for your time.

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Maybe you need a 5340 :)

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MSDP Rules is 1 GB RAM for 1 TB of storage ..... so :

1 shelf (49 TB) = 64 GB

2 shelves (98 TB) = 128 GB

3 shelves (147 TB) = 128 GB min but the upgrade to 192 GB is recommended

4 shelves (196 TB) = 192 GB is a must