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Appliance Bonding and SAN client features

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HI , i have an upcoming implementaion in which we will add a 5230 appliance configured for media server role to an existing master server .

I have 2 questions ,

Q1 )  Regarding bonding configurations , As customer can utilize the four 1GB Ethernet in backup (we will configure IPMI port , so we can use all ports for backup traffic)  what's  the best practice to do that (configure all ports in one bond , create multiple bonds or  standalone interfaces  etc .. "   

If we configured multiple Bonds/interfaces , shall we add multiple entries for all appliance IPs/hostnames configured on (appliance , Master server and Clients)  hosts file .
Is there a way to assign specific backups to run on specific appliance hostname/IP ... ?


Q2 ) Regarding SAN client feature .. we will do following steps :

 Activate "Enable SAN client FT media server ,  Enable the Fibre Transport to a deduplication appliance " options from appliance side , run (/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -sanclient 1) command on client , zone port 1 on hba slot 5 and hba slot 6 with client dual HBA ports ..

My question is , is there any further steps required , can i use HBA WWNs already used from client side in normal IO operations to the SAN storage .



Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified

Just Rephrasing Q2 .. from Client side ,  do i need to have a HBA dedicated just for backups ?

Level 6

One small clarification.  You won't be reassigning the IPMI port, you'll be reassinging the ethernet port used for initial setup/configuration.  The IPMI port is different than the four card port and can't be used by the Appliance for anything but IPMI.


For Q2 - Yes. HBA's present on Appliances to make use of lan free backups. 


For Q1 - the IPMI port should not be used for bonding. After that, if the customer is not willing to have two IP's one for prod & backup - then you can continue to use all four in a single bonding.