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Appliance Diagnostic Center - what happened to it?

Level 6

So in appliance version 3.0 the Appliance Diagnostic Center only seems to have a "Collect log files" option.  Am I crazy or didn't there used to be a number of utilities in the Diag Center?  I seem to recall checking & repairing issues with disk pools, etc.



Hi Elanmbx,

I don't know if you're as crazy as you think you may be Smiley Very Happy

I'm not yet on version 3.0 for my appliances, but I have two 5230's running 2.7.3.  I've had a look at the Appliance Diagnostic Center on mine for you.  There are three options in mine:

  • Check disk configuration
  • Collect log files
  • Test and diagnose network issues

Hopefully someone with a version 3.0 appliance can chime in with what they see.  I've also had a quick scan through the release notes for 3.0 and didn't see any changes relating to this.

Hope this helps,



The diagnostic center underwent changes in 3.0.  There will be new ways to check those components provided in future releases.  There were a number of technical reasons why these elements were removed from the web UI.  I thought it had been documented in the Release Notes for 3.0, but it doesn't look like it actually was, apologies for any confusion that might have caused.

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