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Appliance, emails, SMTP port?


Env:  N5230 v2.6.0.3 (soon to be patched to v2.6.0.4).

Is it possible to specify a port number for SMTP authenticated emails?

I know classic SMTP uses port 25, and I understand that typically email admins like to have SMTP authentication for emails take place on port 587.  Is it possible to configure an appliance to use port 587?

Maybe it is possible to specify, within the CLIsh, the target SMTP server IP address with a port number, e.g.:

...anyone tried that with success?


2 Replies

The port can be changed in

The port can be changed in the web interface for OpsCenter. I dont think the appliance interface or CLISH has this option. You may have to elevate to the OS and manually set it up so I would look at linux support for that.

There is no CLISH option for

There is no CLISH option for that. Best course of action is going going through a smtp relay.