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Backup of EMC Unity NAS Share to Netbackup Appliance

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For a number of reasons (which I won't go into here) I want to secure a file-system presented from a Dell/EMC Unity array to a Netbackup appliance as CIFS.

We have tried NDMP but NBU does not have an NDMP stream-handler for the Unity - so we are only getting 1.x% de-dup.

I want to try to secure this as a CIFS share instead to see if we get better de-dup rates.

Rather than mount the share to a windows server and transport all 12TB of data through it and the LAN I want to mount the share directly to the appliance.  I do this already for the DR catalog path when using the appliance as a Master/Media server - and it works perfectly.

My question is as follows:

I can mount the share directly to the appliance OK - and make it persistent

I will then perform a STANDARD policy type backup of the /mnt/sharename

When I backup / restore data from / to this share what happens in regards to the windows permissions ?




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I think is officially still not supported, or recommended but you can do it. Permissions are written on the file level, so its fine for backup/restore.

After testing the windows ACL / Permissions were not restored - the files were restored with the permissions which the appliance user had to the file when backed up.

I have temporarily created a Windows backup via an intermediate client and am backing up via a CIFS share from that client as opposed to NDMP.