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Backup to Dell Tape library

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The client has two netbackup appliances NetBackup 5230, one is master and another is media. They need to connect two tape drives  through Fibre Channel Switch. Now here is the grey area

both the servers should have access to borth the tapes meaning, one server can backup(if high volume) to both 1st and 2nd Tape drive if 2nd is available. How would bakcup software handle this? Dell is saying they wont have any role in this and this has to be handled by the backup software.


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Yes, NetBackup can do that. 

The feature is called Shared Storage Option and is licensed separately (if you are not on Capacity license). 

Please read through this section in NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume II :  
About the Shared Storage Option - page 75 - 96. 

I believe this section explains everything in detail.
Let us know if anything is still unclear.

Can we assume that the Appliances are used for backups and that you will be duplicating to tape?