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Backups on appliance hangs post upgrade to 3.0

Level 3

Post EOS for NBU appliance version 2.6, our appliances was upgraded to 3.0. However, post upgrade the backups are getting hung and is progressing at a very slow speed and we have to restart the appliances for backups to resume. But the issue re-occurs again after of couple of days. Please help.


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If you really feel the problem is caused by the 3.0 upgrade, you should open a Support call with Veritas right away.

I have not seen anyone else complaining since 3.0 upgrade...

Thanks for your reply Marianne. I had logged a case with Veritas. They did some changes to performance parameters and moved the MSDP to external disk. 

It seems like 3.0 is more resource cravy than its earlier version.

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Kindly share the "changes (made) to performance parameters"?