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Configure DMP on appliance 5220 running on v2.6.0.2

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Hi all,

Did anyone manage to successfully configure the SAN multi-path to your SAN storage array through the DMP setup on the appliance 5220 v2.6.0.2?

I have an existing case with support and still waiting for backline to assist.

If anyone manages to configure this successfully, can you share with me the relevant documents for me to read up?

Our array is running on active-active mode with ALUA enabled.

However, the appliance now still only detect a primary path with no load balancing and redundacy configured.


Li Xi


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Which array?

Level 3

This is for our NetApp v3140 running on OnTAP 8.1 7-Mode.

Below is the current default config seen on the appliance 5220.

ENCLR_NAME      ATTR_NAME                     DEFAULT        CURRENT
v31400         iopolicy                      MinimumQ       MinimumQ
v31400         partitionsize                 512            512
v31400         use_all_paths                 no             no
v31400         recoveryoption[throttle]      Nothrottle[0]  Nothrottle[0]
v31400         recoveryoption[errorretry]    Timebound[300] Timebound[300]
v31400         redundancy                    0              0
v31400         dmp_lun_retry_timeout         0              0
v31400         failovermode                  implicit       implicit

I have been working with support on this case for more than a week and have yet to get this addressed.

All the VMWare datastores are zoned to the appliance and mounted.

Does anyone has similar experience or documentation to share?

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What exactly isn't working. Those settings are the defaults for AULA array. Have you tried changing them and it fails?